$100 off legal services

$100 off legal services

Maitland Law Firm
Value $175
Discount 57%
Savings $100
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As your hometown law firm, Maitland Law is proud to offer a big discount on their famous "Get Out of Jail Free Card!"

Buy a voucher for just $75 and you'll be entitled to $175 in attorney's fees. That's enough to cover a traffic ticket defense (and let's be honest--you know there's a good chance you'll get one of those within the next year)!

Now, like all good attorneys, the folks at Maitland Law want to be sure you know it's not actually a "Get Out of Jail Free Card." Think of it more as a “Keep My Insurance Points Minimized Card.” They can't guarantee results, of course, but they can promise to vigorously defend your rights!

Also keep in mind that you can use the card toward lots of other legal services--maybe drafting your will that you've been putting off, or help with a real estate closing that you know is just around the corner.

This voucher is good for one year, so why not take advantage of this rare offer and save big the next time you need legal help! Check out their range of services at www.maitlandlaw.com.


Expires 5/30/12.
For traffic ticket defense, this DOES NOT cover court costs or fines that you may owe.

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